Lafayette Students Always Up for a Challenge

Principal Erika Clarke implemented “all-school challenges” as a fun way to offer Lafayette’s 244 students a hands-on learning experience that encourages creativity and friendly competition.
“The challenges are a great way to give students a break from ‘traditional’ learning while still fostering necessary skills like problem-solving, ingenuity, and teamwork,” Clarke said.

Recently, students participated in Lafayette’s second “tallest tower” challenge where they were given one tub of Play-Doh and two plastic coffee stirrers, challenged to build a masterpiece that towers above the rest!
The tallest tower was 11.25 inches.

Students with the tallest tower in each class won. Winners included: Ja’sair Carreker, John Garcia Martinez, Rafael Gonzalez, Sergio Gomez Vasquez, Kaiden Pineda, Iker Orozco Sanchez, Tyler Todaro, Harriet Brazier, Leysha Contreras-Pena, Mason Fisher, Azaan Khan, Matthew Aguilar Herrera, Juan Alvarez Ramirez, Isaac Angulo, Julissa Salazar Sanchez, Emelyn Salazar Sanchez, and Cristian Banos Guzman.

The all-school challenges take place two or three times a year. Past challenges have included a “tallest tower” challenge with spaghetti and marshmallows and a challenge to build the longest paper chain with only scissors, glue, and one sheet of paper.

Congratulations to our winners and to all who built Play-Doh towers! Stay tuned for our next all-school challenge later this year.